With every passing moment, you’ll make so many memories with a rug that the inevitable wear and tear will become so painful for you.

Thus, Rug washing becomes one of the most entrusted tasks. Trust us, we’ll only was the dirt and will endure your memories with the same amount of love. We are proudly dedicated to providing you with the finest quality rug cleaning possible. You and your rugs are important to us.

We have skilled staff with the expertise to provide professional cleaning services. Plus we’re pleased to inform you that we can arrange rug pickup and delivery for you.


Right from an awe-inspiring rug to a moderate but precious one, Marco polo rugs has been trusted for generations to repair and restore damaged rugs to their former enchanting glory.

Our highly skilled artisans will repair your rug or breathe new life into it. With the finest of wools, our team can restore your rug to its original flawlessness.


Without the pads, our beloved carpet may not feel or look equally good. Carpet padding protects the rug from breaking down, thus prolonging its life. It serves as the foundation for your carpet whether it’s a regular one or top of the line. It adds cushioning underfoot and also provides stability along with insulation and noise reduction.


What’s Rug Appraisal?

Determine the true current value of a rug by a team of experts especially in an ever-changing market. When expert appraisers ascertain the value of a rug, they look at a certain number of factors altogether that contribute to its value.

Some important factors are-

•Here age is not just a number. The older the rug, the more value it possesses.
•The higher the quality of the materials used the higher the price of the rug.
•While determining the value of the antique rug, the experts also estimate the level of artistry.
•The aesthetic value of the item is also ascertained.
•The uniqueness of the rug also increases its value.
• While evaluating rare and collectible collections or rugs made with rare and high-quality materials, remember larger the size, the higher its value.