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With the creative brilliance of some of the most talented artisans, Marco polo rugs offer you a wide range of oriental rugs which includes Antique Sarapi rugs, Fine Persian rugs, Round rugs, Antique rugs, Khotan rugs, Contemporary rugs, Persian tribal rugs, Silk rugs, Traditional rugs, Tribal rugs, Small rugs, Runner rugs and Sold rugs.

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How would you define a Rug?

“A floor covering of thick woven material or animal skin, typically not extending over the entire floor.”

But speaking in terms of their utility, they aren’t just floor coverings.
Rugs bring along comfort and style to your home and can alter the entire appearance of a room. Being around since the early days of human civilization, they have incessantly proved to be a key feature in the homes and palaces for years. And even today they complete a home in profound ways.

Once you’ll introduce a rug to your dwelling, it will stop being just decorative stuff.
Thus, they will enwrap a whole lot of emotions, leisurely moments, memorable times, and much more with them